We have gathered a large collection of definitive content, much of it from the public domain  (SBA, IRS, OSHA) & partner institutions.  Besides our knowledge of what is good & potentially helpful, it didn’t cost that much to build.

We are currently hosting the BizBuilder platform on Quire at no charge. They are an amazing partner. Because of QuireBizBuilder is in the cloud, it is secure, it is stable, it is universally compatible (Apple, PC, Chrome, Linux), it is fast & it is hosted for free.

Quire has pledged to keep Quire free for anyone who signs up while it is still free. They may start charging in the future, but if you sign up now, it will always be free. (Sign up now, if you haven’t already.)

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Most of our growth is due to word-of-mouth from satisfied users. We spend relatively little on publicity & marketing.

BizBuilder derives revenue from our Best-In-Class B2B Marketplace, a pre-vetted & curated collection of reviewed, best-in-class business products & service providers.  It should be noted that we do have agreements in place with some of the recommended vendors in which BizBuilder generates royalty payments. However, BizBuilder maintains full objectivity with regards to individual recommendations and our primary goal is always to find the best possible solutions for BizBuilder users. Consequently, we recommend a remarkable, free solution whenever possible next to the recommended “paid” solution. Our aim is to provide you with a reliable buying guide & in many instances, BizBuilder recommends vendors and derives no financial award, whatsoever.

There are many things you will need to purchase as a new business such as a phone number, a website, software & office supplies etc. and we have included these as action items on your startup checklist. If there are products and service providers  you would like to use, try to do so by clicking through the BizBuilder platform so we can make a commission, and continue to provide BizBuilder at no cost to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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“It’s a no-brainer. I will always use the BizBuilder Startup Checklist when launching a new company.” -C.S. (Serial Entrepreneur)